ACC Submission Form


Architectural Control Committee Submission Form

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Owners are responsible for obtaining all City/County and HOA permits and approvals and meet all requirements. Any changes must be submitted for additional approval.

By pressing submit I request approval for the following change(s) to the exterior of my home: (Please include detailed specifications, height, materials, color sample, site plan showing location and any use of dumpster to include dates it will be on site.) Insure your contractor is aware you are in an HOA and need approval of modifications.

Please email any photos or color samples to: with your address attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need permission to make a change to my home?
A: Approval is required through your community covenants however; this is mainly set in place to protect property values and the overall appearance of the community. Should you ever need to sell your home, you need to be able to obtain the most for it and having such rules in place will help make that so. We all know that having a neighbor whose home is painted an awful color will not help when trying to sell!

Q: Is there a recommended color pallet?
A: Using the following color pallet will result in an easier approval process. The paint does not need to be Sherwin Williams brand. The link currently requires that you to select city “Colorado springs” (lower-case!) in order to find “Fountain Valley Ranch 6 & 3B”
Online Color Pallet

Q: What is the process for review?
Once you have sent us your request, we will review it to be sure there isn’t anything missing.

  • If everything needed is present, we will send it over to the ACC. Once that has been done, you will receive an email letting you know that this has been done. Once we hear anything from the ACC, we will let you know.
  • If anything is missing, you will receive an email letting you know what is needed. After you send the needed information to us, we can get it to the ACC for review and will let you know once we have done so.

Q: How long does it take to get a decision?
There are many variables to this answer. The amount of work being done, amount of information provided and how many other requests are open for review will determine this. Your ACC does have a timeframe for review and it’s notated in the Covenants. Normally, this is 30 days from request submission. One of the ways we help speed up this process is with a weekly follow up. We will check in with the ACC to make sure they have everything they need and ask if they have made their decision yet.

Q: Who is reviewing my request?
The ACC for your community is made up of volunteers that live in the neighborhood. This team is normally made up of 3 to 5 members.

Q: What does ACC stand for?
ACC is abbreviation for Architectural Control Committee. Some communities prefer to use an ARC, Architectural Review Committee.


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